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Guided Self Drive Land Rover Expedition, Southern & East Africa, 2024

South Africa • Namibia • Botswana •Zambia •

Malawi • Tazania • Rwanda • Uganda • Kenya

This one of a kind trip through Southern and East Africa is for the Land Rover enthusiasts out there who have some experience with overlanding.

The expedition weaves through 9 Countries with incredible diversity and experiences throughout. The 6 week expedition is broken up into 2 legs of 3 weeks each and will be travelled in both directions. You can join for one leg or the full trip.

Detailed information and pricing in the presentations:

Land Rover Expedition CT-NBO (6 Weeks)
Download PDF • 90.68MB

Land Rover Expedition CT-VF (3 Weeks)
Download PDF • 85.53MB

Land Rover Expedition VF-NBO (3 Weeks)
Download PDF • 91.01MB

This has been a long-anticipated project, with planning starting in 2018 but unfortunately with the challenges brought by COVID-19 the plans had to be put on hold. However with the tourism industry back on its feet, we are excited to announce that the expedition is finally set to take place in 2024! The complete 6-week expedition runs from Cape Town, South Africa to Nairobi, Kenya. For those seeking a more condensed experience, the expedition is divided into two legs of 3 weeks each; Cape Town to Victoria Falls and Victoria Falls To Nairobi. The expedition will start in Cape Town and when reaching Nairobi we will reset before doing the trip in the opposite direction, following the same route. Consequently, each leg can be done in either direction. To summarise, the trip options are as follows: (detailed info & pricing in the presentations)

Full Trip North

Cape Town - Nairobi

(6 weeks)

1st Leg North

Cape Town - Victoria Falls (3 weeks)

2nd Leg North

Victoria Falls - Nairobi

(3 weeks)


Full Trip South

Nairobi - Cape Town

(6 weeks)

1st Leg South 

Nairobi - Victoria Falls

(3 weeks)

2nd Leg South

Victoria Falls - Cape Town

(3 weeks)

The trip is scheduled for August-September 2024, with exact dates yet to be confirmed.

Should you be interested, please contact us and let us know which option would be best for you.

Feel free to reach out for any additional information or clarification.

We believe this expedition will be an amazing adventure to forge lasting memories with like-minded people. We have eagerly anticipated this journey and hope you will join us!


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