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Our Story 

Sahara Down is led by its visionary founder, Robin Schell-Hammer, a German native who embarked on this journey with modest beginnings and grand aspirations. His enduring passion for Land Rovers paved the way for the realization of two distinctive endeavors: a premier luxury car rental company and a high-end African adventure company.

SUV Rentals:
Our luxury car rental company, emerged as a response to the unmet demand in the market for premium vehicles. Our fleet boasts an array of top-tier Land Rover Discovery's, allowing you to explore South Africa in style and comfort. Robin's vision to bridge the gap in the luxury car rental industry has transformed into an exceptional service designed to elevate your travel experiences.

sahara down adventure

Robin's personal  journey through Southern and East Africa not only ignited his fascination but also inspired him to share the wonders of this extraordinary continent. In 2017, he founded Sahara Down, an African adventure company that leads explorations across these regions. With Robin and his dedicated team at the helm, you'll embark on an unforgettable journey through breathtaking landscapes, cultural encounters, and wildlife experiences. Robin's deep insights, acquired through years of exploration, coupled with the collective knowledge and dedication of his team, guarantee that every adventure with Sahara Down is a unique and enriching experience.

Whether you're seeking the thrill of African adventures or the luxury of traveling in top-notch vehicles, you'll find the perfect blend of both worlds with us. Join us on a journey of discovery, luxury, and exploration as we uncover the hidden treasures of South Africa and beyond.

Where New York Meets Cape Town.

Robin's entrepreneurial vision extends to NYinCT, a restoration project of an old Woodstock building into modern, urban-chic loft apartments. NYinCT is just moments from central Cape Town. Experience the best of both worlds, with a touch of New York in Cape Town. Visit the website at to explore the unique living spaces.


nyinct, woodstock cape town apartment, new york loft style apartment in cape town.

Reviver Design: 

Robin Schell-Hammer, in collaboration with Kyle McDonald, embarks on yet another journey through Reviver Design. Specializing in the restoration and modification of classic Land Rovers.

Reviver Design breathes new life into vintage Land Rovers, infusing them with modern touches and custom modifications while preserving their timeless charm. Whether it's a full rebuild, a partial restoration, or personalized modifications, each Land Rover that leaves their workshop is a masterpiece. Check out Reviver Design for more.

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